• Ceiling Indents and Lighting

    Ceiling Indents and Lighting

    Lighting fixtures that match the scale and style of a room can enhance the feelings for each person who enters that room. We do a variety of lighting treatments tailored to each homeowner’s vision.

    The recessed ceilings in this project were painted by a very talented “specialty painter,” where colors and textures were used to achieve a certain effect when the lighting is on. Light fixtures were specially ordered and hand assembled on site.

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  • Custom Built Cabinets and Shelves

    Custom Built Cabinets and Shelves

    Custom cabinets and shelves finish a room with an elegant touch.

    These cabinets and shelving were custom made and painted to blend in with the antique style of the master bed room, which was only a small portion of the complete redesign and remodel of the entire master suite including totally separate his and her bath areas

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  • Outdoor Pergola and Accents

    Outdoor Pergola and Accents

    This simple square patio came alive for one of San Antonio’s celebrities with an architecturally-designed and master craftsman-built fir wood pergola.

    Accenting this patio covering are custom matching rock fireplace, high-tech outdoor grill with matching rock cabinet, honed granite countertop and an all-weather outdoor TV. Perfect for entertaining special guests from around the world.

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  • Vanity Design and Installation

    Vanity Design and Installation

    These vanity renovations enhance the homeowner’s quality of life every day.

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  • Fireplaces


    Each home seeks a fireplace design and style to match its personality.

    These fireplaces were either framed up using wood studs and fireproof sheathing or remolded using the original fireplace structure to achieve the homeowners’ intended look. Rock, brick, stucco, texture and color are all designed and created by the hands of a highly creative specialty artist.

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  • Patio Ceiling

    Patio Ceiling

    We easily transformed a large, ho hum patio into an inviting, cozy outdoor experience by installing a beautifully stained tongue and groove wood ceiling with attractive recessed LED lighting with rims painted to blend with the tongue and groove stain color.

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