Roxton Pricing Philosophy

Before awarding a home remodeling job, it is important for owners to interview a few builders and get their referrals from previous clients, which is different than requesting multiple bidding quotes from 2 to 3 contractors.

We have not participated in multiple bidding for over 10 years and have not been without work for over 22 years. Most of our work is by referral. If we had a reputation to over-price for our work, we would have experienced considerable down time and would not have been able to retain some of best subcontractors in San Antonio. As a result, we would not have accumulated the large number of satisfied customers, whose names and contact numbers we can provide.

These owners have trusted us with their home remodeling, and they will vouch for our fair pricing as well as our quality workmanship, relationship skills and more.

Accurate pricing of most projects takes a lot of time and hard work, involving the builder and all of his subcontractors. Multiple bidding from two or more builders – before a job is awarded – means that those builders not awarded the work have wasted at least two weeks of their valuable time.

We quote all projects the same: very carefully and with great detail. Then, we review the numbers with the owners, as well as challenges that may create additional costs. Our contract is cost-plus because unexpected issues occur on all projects. However, significant cost over-runs have never been an issue…Again, please call our references.

Recent Inflation issues affecting Construction Materials

Currently, throughout the country, we are experiencing considerable price increases on just about every construction commodity, including lumber products, copper, steel wiring, concrete, steel, sheetrock and more.

As of spring 2021, lumber was up more than 200%. Therefore, most suppliers are not guaranteeing prices from the date material was quoted until material is delivered. We will closely monitor prices and keep the owners updated.